Love with a more romantic feeling


These presets have been my go-to for years. Over time they’ve of course evolved, but the foundation is there. It’s always been my intention to stay away from post processing trends and to let the hairstyle, clothing, and surroundings date my photos, not the style in which the photos were processed.

These presets are for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop ACR only. The presets are intended for RAW photo processing, though they will work on JPG files, it is not reccomended.

All sales are final. No returns.

It’s important to remember, there is no magic bullet when it comes to presets. My Heidi & Hedvig Presets are a good jumping off point. The presets will work with no adjustments on some photos and an others you’re going to need to boost/reduce shadows, blacks, and exposure.

To purchase for only 55€ please fill out the form belowand I´ll return with all the information you need todownload Heidi & Hedvig.

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